Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

  • Are Dental Veneers Stain Resistant?

    Dental veneers are shells of durable materials that are placed over your teeth to improve their appearance. They are often used to make your teeth look better or whiter. Given that veneers come at a cost, you may be curious about how they'll stand up to everyday wear and tear such as staining from food and drink. Do veneers stain? Veneer Materials and Staining You have two options when it comes to choosing the material used to create a veneer.

  • Common dental issues in children

    Your teeth and gum health are very important, making regular oral hygiene essential to your overall health. While anyone can experience dental problems, there are some that tend to be more common with young children. Here are some common dental issues that may plague your child. Baby Bottle Decay A common dental issue with infants and toddlers is baby bottle decay. This is a type of tooth decay that is caused by sugar-ridden beverages sitting on their teeth.

  • Gum Disease: The 4 Signs to Watch Out For

    Gum disease, also called gingivitis, is a type of infection that affects not only the gums, but the  teeth, and jawbone as well. Many people have signs of gum disease without realising they have it. It is important that you visit your dentist if you suspect you have gingivitis, so paying attention to the following signs can help. Changes in Your Gums One of the first signs of having gum disease is noticing different types of changes in your gums.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening: The Benefits of Choosing Laser Whitening

    If you are looking to get your teeth whitened, doing it in your dentist's office is highly recommended. This is the best way for a safe and effective teeth bleaching procedure. In terms of professional teeth whitening, your two main options are laser whitening and tray whitening. Here are some benefits to choosing laser whitening. Laser Whitening Is Done Quickly When you get laser teeth whitening, you are getting one of the fastest possible teeth whitening procedures.

  • Reasons Why Implant-Supported Bridges May Be Your Best Option for Tooth Replacement

    Are you missing multiple teeth and looking to replace them? Dental implants can enable you to restore the natural teeth you lost as well as the roots. However, you might be wondering whether to use removable dentures, implant-supported bridges or fixed bridges. For this reason, here are things you should know that could make implant-supported bridges the best solution for your problem. Better Bone Preservation You can replace your lost teeth using the implant-supported bridges, and since you will be replacing some of the roots, there is a better preservation of your bone.

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    Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

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