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Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Beverages to Avoid After Having Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Duane Kelly

While there are numerous solutions if you want to attain the perfect smile, from restorative therapies to orthodontic treatments, none is quite as straightforward as teeth whitening. Moreover, since teeth whitening can be performed for a wide selection of stains, be it excessive fluoride or merely poor oral hygiene, it is a convenient option for the masses. Nonetheless, professional teeth whitening can be quite expensive. So you would be ill-advised to forgo proper care and maintenance of your teeth, or you will end up with excessive staining all over again. You should take into consideration that what the professional whitening procedure does is open up tubules in your enamel to help draw out the stains, so your teeth can be vulnerable to re-staining in the first few weeks. To prevent this, here are some beverages to avoid after having your teeth whitened professionally.

Coffee and tea

Coffee is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to stained teeth. The reason behind this staining is that coffee has incredibly high tannin levels, and excessive consumption can lead to your teeth progressively turning yellow or even brown! If you cannot do without your morning coffee, it is imperative to ensure you brush your teeth immediately after consumption while your teeth whitening is still fresh.

You may think that tea is a safer beverage, as it has lower levels of caffeine, but this in no way eliminates the tannins that it also has. So just as with coffee, it is critical to clean your teeth immediately after taking some tea to avoid undue staining. Alternatively, you may want to consider drinking these beverages via a straw to minimise any contact with your enamel.

Red wine

One of the most satisfying indulgences you can have after a long day is a healthy glass of red wine. Not only does this drink ease the stress you may be under, but it also is good for your health when consumed responsibly. Nonetheless, red wine is also chock-full of tannins. As a result, it is notorious for leaving conspicuous pink-hued stains on your enamel. If you do not want to give up your wine, you may want to consider switching to chardonnay, as this will not pose the risk of additional staining.

Tomato juice

Tomato juice may be a healthy way of getting your vitamins in, and it is an excellent mixer for your vodka, but it is one of the biggest threats to your enamel. Tomato juice, to begin with,  is highly acidic, so its regular consumption will pose the risk of undue abrasion of your tooth enamel. Secondly, the high pigmentation of the tomato juice will end up diminishing the brightness of your newly whitened teeth. It is best to either steer clear from this drink or to always use a straw after having your teeth whitened.


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