Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Ways to Make Your Adult Braces Cleaning Routine a Success

Duane Kelly

With around 30-percent of all fittings going to those over the age of 20, it's clear that adult braces are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. If you choose to invest in a pair, you'll need to establish a cleaning routine. From selecting the right toothpaste to avoiding certain foods, there are lots of ways to clean adult braces successfully.

Use a toothpaste that features fluoride after every meal and snack

Although your braces are doing an excellent job of straightening your teeth, they do make it easier for bacteria to gather. When more bacteria are present, you increase your risk of staining or weak enamel. As such, using a toothpaste containing fluoride is more important than ever. Fluoride makes it difficult for bacteria to thrive, giving your teeth the chance to remain healthy.

Perfect your brushing technique

Alongside brushing after every meal rather than just twice a day, you need to perfect your brushing technique. As adult braces can trap food, begin your usual routine by swilling your mouth with water. Doing so frees debris, giving your toothbrush a chance to work effectively.

When you brush, hold the bristles at a 45-degree angle away from the gums. Start at the gumlike and make your way downwards when tackling the top teeth, and start from the gums and brush upwards when you reach your bottom teeth. You may also want to ask your orthodontist about adding in floss, which you can use between your teeth and the brackets of the braces.

Keep an eye on your diet

While it's obvious that habits such as drinking wine and coffee can stain the areas around your braces, few people focus on other aspects of their diet. Eating hard food increases your chances of dislodging your braces. Even if you cause minimal damage, doing so makes them harder to clean.

Hard foods can range from carrots through to popcorn kernels. Although you don't need to eat a diet consisting purely of puree, exercise caution until your orthodontist removes your braces.

Ask your orthodontist about irrigation systems

Not everyone who wears adult braces will benefit from oral irrigation. In some cases, however, it's the only way to ensure your teeth remain clean. After your fitting, ask the person performing the procedure about irrigation systems. Using water, they can enhance your cleaning routine, allowing you to maintain the strength and colour of your teeth.

With only a little attention and a few alterations from your life before adult braces, you can enhance their efficacy and make cleaning them a success. For more information or assistance, contact establishments like Straightsmiles.


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