Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

  • Why is the Gum Around Your Implant Swollen?

    If you've recently had a dental implant and you've never had this procedure before, you won't know exactly what to expect after the implant work is done. While your dentist will have told you what to expect and what might happen, you may not know what is normal and what is a problem. If your gum around the implant tooth develops problems, you may worry that something has gone wrong. How can you tell if this is a serious problem that needs more treatment?

  • Why Porcelain Braces Are the Perfect Modern Alternative to Conventional Metal Braces

    Are your teeth misaligned? If so, then you are the perfect candidate for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is a unique branch of dentistry that involves treating misaligned teeth, also called malocclusion of the teeth.  Getting braces is the most common method of treating misaligned teeth. While metal braces have been the traditional choice of dental braces used for treating malocclusion, the use of non-metal braces is quickly gaining ground in recent years.

  • 3 Things To Know Before You Book In For Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

    Wisdom teeth are pesky things which create an annoyance for some people, but not for others. As someone who has received a dentist's recommendation to preventively have their wisdom teeth removed to stop overcrowding in the mouth, you are wanting to decide when is the best time to book in for this surgical procedure. These are the three points you need to know about wisdom tooth removal which will help you decide when is the perfect time in your schedule to have them taken out.

  • Things to Remember After a Teeth Whitening Treatment

    Having a teeth whitening treatment is a dream come true for many people, as they finally get the stunning smile they've always wanted. It can lead to big improvements in your self-confidence and the way you feel in social situations, which is an incredibly valuable result. The treatments can take several sessions to finally get the whiteness you want, as it's not an instant process. When the treatment is finished, you're sure to be pleased with the result and eager to put the treatment behind you, but there are a few important things to bear in mind.

  • Beverages to Avoid After Having Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

    While there are numerous solutions if you want to attain the perfect smile, from restorative therapies to orthodontic treatments, none is quite as straightforward as teeth whitening. Moreover, since teeth whitening can be performed for a wide selection of stains, be it excessive fluoride or merely poor oral hygiene, it is a convenient option for the masses. Nonetheless, professional teeth whitening can be quite expensive. So you would be ill-advised to forgo proper care and maintenance of your teeth, or you will end up with excessive staining all over again.

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Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

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