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Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

How To Prepare To Have Multiple Teeth Extracted

Duane Kelly

Having one tooth extracted is usually something that doesn't warrant much in the way of preparation for most patients. But when you need to extract multiple teeth, some preparation is necessary. You may be in more pain and need more healing time for multiple extractions. This means you need to be ready both before and after the surgery.

If you are preparing to have multiple teeth extracted, then prepare in the following ways.

Consider your sedation options

Having multiple teeth extracted takes longer than having a single tooth extracted. This means you'll have to keep your mouth open for an extended period of time. For some patients, keeping their mouth open for two hours or more is challenging, especially if they suffer from a sensitive gag reflex or anxiety.

Consider choosing intravenous sedation or laughing gas (nitrous oxide) if you think you'll have a problem with keeping your mouth open for two hours.

Arrange for a ride home

If you do choose to be sedated, as many patients do for multiple extractions, then you won't be able to drive yourself home after the surgery. So remember to arrange for someone to go with you to the dental clinic and then drive you home afterwards.

Stock up on ice packs

Multiple tooth extractions will likely cause facial swelling to occur for several days after the procedure. To keep swelling down, you can place ice packs on your face. But remember to stock up on ice packs before the day of your surgery.

Plan your menu accordingly

If you have multiple extraction wounds in your mouth, you'll definitely need to make adjustments to your diet, especially if you enjoy hard or crunchy foods like nuts and popcorn. Food that breaks into small pieces when you chew it could lodge inside the extraction sites and prevent healing from occurring. Make sure you stock up on soft foods like mashed potato and soup.

And stay away from straws too because using straws while eating or drinking could dislodge the blood clots in each of the extraction sites. The blood clots in extraction sites are important for the healing process.

Cancel all activities that require strenuous exercise

For a few days, you'll need rest, and lots of it. Rest and water are important for the healing process, especially after having multiple teeth extracted. Ensure that you refrain from hard exercise, heavy lifting and extended bouts of walking or running, as these activities can tire you out and leave you dehydrated. Rest and drink lots of fluids to help with your recovery.

Reach out to a dentist to learn more about tooth extractions.


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