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Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

How Can Dentures Contribute to a Yeast Infection?

Duane Kelly

Despite its name, stomatitis doesn't develop in the stomach. It's an inflammation of the mucous membrane (the lining) of your mouth. This inflammation is primarily caused by candida albicans (along with other bacterial agents), which is a type of yeast infection. Why can this be an issue for some people who wear dentures?

Excessive Accumulation

Although candida albicans can exist in the human mouth without causing inflammation, stomatitis is the excessive accumulation of this yeast. Some people who wear dentures can develop denture stomatitis. It's not a critical condition, but it can be annoying and uncomfortable. So why, after years of faithful service from your dentures, have you developed denture stomatitis?

Wearing and Caring

It's important to wear and care for your dentures precisely as instructed. If you've become a little laid back with your denture care, this could have led to the development of denture stomatitis. Inadequate denture hygiene (not brushing your dentures and/or not soaking them in an appropriate cleansing solution) can result in denture stomatitis, as does sleeping with your dentures still in your mouth. Consider your oral hygiene, and how it relates to your dentures. It may be inadequate. 

Other Medical Conditions

But what about if you take the utmost care of your dentures and overall oral health? The development of other medical conditions can play a role in the appearance of problematic denture stomatitis. Have you recently been diagnosed with a medical condition that suppresses your immune system (including diabetes)? Perhaps you've been prescribed steroid-based medication (which can help candida albicans to thrive)? In these instances, denture stomatitis often retreats when the medical condition is well-managed, or when the use of a steroid-based medication is ceased, either due to the end of treatment or by changing the medication to a non-steroidal substitute.   

The Fit of Your Dentures

Sometimes denture stomatitis is unrelated to your oral hygiene habits or health. As the years go by, the contours of your mouth slowly and subtly change. This can cause your dentures to fit poorly, creating nooks and crannies where candida albicans can flourish. When this is thought to be the cause of your denture stomatitis, a simple relining at your local denture clinic might be all that is needed. This involves the application of an ultra-thin layer of resin to the denture plate (the base which holds the prosthetic teeth) to ensure a perfect fit.

Denture stomatitis can generally be managed by identifying the cause and minimising its impact as much as possible. Sometimes an anti-fungal treatment is also needed, but your mucous membrane should quickly return to normal. If you have any questions, stop by a denture clinic.


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