Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

When Should You See a Dentist? 4 Instances to Schedule an Appointment

Duane Kelly

Most people today pay attention to their dental health. However, it's still common to find some who have a few years since they last visited the dentist. Healthy gums and teeth go a long way in boosting your overall health and appearance, and that is why you need to visit a dentist regularly. However, it can be hard to tell whether you need to see a dentist or not to avoid wasting time and money. If you wonder when to visit a dentist, here are four instances that indicate it's time to set up an appointment.

1. When It's Been a While Since You Visited the Dental Clinic

Many people make the mistake of rushing to a dentist's office when their dental problem is already too severe. Contrary to the common belief that you should only visit a dentist when you have a problem, you should see your dentist even when your teeth appear fine and healthy. Dentists recommend regular dental check-ups to ensure your teeth are in perfect condition. These check-ups also allow them to detect dental issues early and treat them in their early stages. It is also a great opportunity to have your teeth cleaned professionally.

2. When You Have a Toothache

Whether minor or major, toothaches are clear indications that you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Regardless of its intensity, a toothache could indicate tooth decay, trauma to the mouth, periodontal diseases, or tooth sensitivity. Your dentist will examine your teeth to determine what could be the issue. They will then proceed to offer you treatment and eliminate the source of the problem.

3. When You Have Crooked Teeth

After looking into the mirror, do you wish you could change something on your teeth to improve your appearance? Perhaps it's time to stop postponing that visit to the dental clinic. Tooth abnormalities such as stained teeth, crooked teeth, cracked teeth, and unusual bites require a dentist's attention. Your dentist will examine your teeth and offer a suitable solution. Cosmetic dental treatments such as braces, teeth whitening, and dental crowns may come in handy.

4. When You Have Bad Breath

Of course, poor dental hygiene is a common cause of bad breath. However, you can easily eradicate it with regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups. Some people have a hard time getting rid of bad breath. In that case, issues such as dental decay or gum diseases may be the most probable cause. If you are facing this, it's time to see a dentist for treatment.

It would help if you visited a dentist for all your preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental needs. If you relate to any of these situations highlighted above, you might want to pick up your phone and schedule that dental appointment.


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