Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Tooth Decay: Which Dental Filling Should You Choose?

Duane Kelly

Dental cavities and tooth decay are a common problem which develops because of harmful oral bacteria. In general, there are numerous types of bacteria which reside in the mouth. Over time, these microorganisms accumulate on the surface of the teeth and form a layer known as plaque. When foods with sugar and carbohydrates are eaten, the bacteria consume the residue particles and produce acid. This acid slowly starts to corrode the enamel, and a cavity is formed. If you have dental decay, you will experience pain, sensitivity and swelling. Therefore, it is important to have the cavities filled fast. If you are uncertain about the best treatment option, consider this brief outline on the fillings you can choose for your dental restoration. 


Amalgam is the most well-known type of dental filling because it has been around for a long time. The product is manufactured by combining a range of metals which may include copper, tin, mercury and silver. This material has remained popular because it is robust and long-lasting. Also, the cost of this form of treatment is relatively small. However, there is one distinct drawback. Amalgam fillings have a silvery colour after installation. This hue contrasts against the teeth and can make some people self-conscious. 


If you are interested in tooth-coloured fillings, you should consider choosing composite products. This material is made by combining special dental resin with quartz or glass. Its likability is quite high because of the authentic appearance. Also, the filling will last a long time without experiencing corrosion or cracks. It is important to note that this option will be more expensive because of its composition. You will also need to be diligent in oral hygiene practices to avoid staining.

Glass Ionomer 

Glass ionomer fillings are also tooth-coloured like the composite alternatives. This material is manufactured by combining acrylic and glass ingredients. Typically, this type of dental product is utilised when the decay is in the root area of the teeth. The greatest advantage of choosing glass ionomer fillings is that the material is designed to release fluoride after installation. 

Therefore, the fresh filling will strengthen the natural structure of the affected teeth and prevent further incidences of cavities. On the other hand, the mixture of glass and acrylic is not highly resilient like the options mentioned above. If they are used on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, the friction will cause accelerated degradation.

There are other excellent materials suited for filling teeth, so you should consult a dentist at a dental clinic like Care Dental for guidance.


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