Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Are Porcelain Veneers a Good Choice for Improving Your Smile?

Duane Kelly

Straightening your teeth doesn't necessarily mean wearing uncomfortable braces for several years—other options may be faster and more affordable and involve less pain and discomfort, if any. Porcelain veneers are one such option. These veneers involve a type of putty or similar substance that is shaped, formed and then hardened over your own natural teeth. Your teeth can look straighter and more aligned without actually being straightened by braces. If you're thinking of veneers, note a few factors to consider so you know if it's the best choice for you.

Shape of your jaw line

Sometimes patients need to wear braces because they can change the shape of your jaw line; if you have a severe overbite, ignoring this problem can mean that your teeth don't get the support they need, so your jaw muscles become painful. Severely misaligned teeth can also rub against each other and cause corrosion and enamel wear, and braces can address these problems. However, many people who have misaligned teeth don't need to address such orthodontic issues but simply want to improve their smile's appearance. This makes veneers a good choice for them.

Undersized teeth

Sometimes teeth look crooked or misaligned simply because one or more of them are undersized. This is often common with the teeth that sit on the outer sides of your two front teeth; undersized teeth may seem to sit back from the line of the rest of the teeth, making them appear to be crooked or misaligned. While braces can force those teeth forward and the other teeth backward to make them look aligned from the front, adding veneers over just your undersized teeth can make them larger. In turn, this improves the appearance of your teeth without needing to actually move them into a new position.

Protection for teeth

While braces may force teeth into a new position and offer some protection against erosion that might happen by a misaligned jaw line, they don't protect teeth against cavities, chipping or discoloration. Veneers can sometimes be stronger than natural teeth so you may be less likely to get cavities or suffer other damage on the surface of your teeth. Veneers may also be less likely to stain from coffee, tea, cigarette smoke, red wine and the like. While veneers may need some repairs and re-coloring over the years, your new appearance may last much longer than if you opted for braces over your natural teeth. For more information, contact dentists in your area.


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