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Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

Personal Hygiene For Smokers: Hydrogen Peroxide

Duane Kelly

As a cigarette smoker, personal hygiene should be more of a concern for you than it is for the average non-smoker. The smoking habit makes you more vulnerable to a number of hygiene-related problems that might make it difficult for you to have cordial interactions with the people around you.

Here are two reasons why you can't afford not to have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide around the house somewhere.

Your Teeth

Smoking is known to cause various health-related complications. These range from discoloured teeth to lung cancer and everything in between. Discoloured teeth might not be as serious a problem as cancer, but they're often a source of embarrassment in various social scenarios.

The smoking habit combines with other aspects of your lifestyle (e.g. drinking coffee, coke and wine) to accelerate the rate at which your teeth get discoloured.

Hydrogen peroxide can help you keep discolouration at bay. You can achieve this by gargling a mixture of peroxide and water on a regular basis. You should find instructions on the recommended portions of hydrogen peroxide and the recommended portions of water that should be used to form the mixture on the product's package.

In addition to delaying the process of discoloration, gargling the home-made mouthwash is known to help in maintaining healthy gum tissue.

If your teeth are already discolored, using a paste made from hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for regular brushing should help to restore the white colour of your teeth over time.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent discolouration (or to maintain white teeth after restoration) is to quit smoking. Until you reach this point, however, develop a close relationship with hydrogen peroxide. For more information, talk to a dentist.

Your Clothes, Cushions And Car

Smokers often don't realize the characteristic smell that remains on their clothes, which ends up following them around. Many non-smokers find this smell offensive even if they might not make it known to you.

Prevent this smell from announcing your arrival when you walk into a room by adding small quantities of peroxide to water whenever you're doing the laundry. This should help to absorb the offensive smell (and other offensive odours) from your clothes.

If you often smoke inside the house or inside your car, the cushions on your furniture items and your car seats are likely to be left with the same offensive odour. You can get rid of this smell by spraying diluted peroxide on the cushions and seats before using a vacuum cleaner on them.


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