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Oral Health Link to Whole Body Health: A Blog

What are some pros and cons of ceramic braces?

Duane Kelly

If you have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, you might be considering different types of braces. Ceramic braces are a great option when you don't want them to be as visible, but want them effective at fixing your teeth alignment issues. Here are some pros and cons of choosing ceramic braces.

Pro: They aren't as visible 

You might be looking for braces that are a little less bright and obvious than traditional metal braces, which makes ceramic braces a great choice. The brackets themselves are made of tooth-coloured ceramic, so most people won't even notice them from a distance. Even up close, they aren't quite as obvious as shiny metal braces can be. While you will still have metal wires separating the brackets, they can still make you feel a little more confident when smiling with these types of braces.

Con: Ceramic braces are more expensive

A disadvantage of ceramic braces compared to traditional braces is that they are often more expensive. The ceramic material is more expensive to make than the metal brackets in traditional braces, especially since they are custom-made to match the colour of your teeth. This helps them blend in better with your teeth, but it also increases the cost. You might also find that your dental insurance policy does not include coverage for ceramic braces.

Pro: They are just as effective as other braces

Ceramic braces are a highly effective way to straighten your teeth and fix bite issues like an overbite or crossbite. This is an advantage over some of the other orthodontic treatments like Invisalign or lingual braces. With lingual braces, they are more limited about what they can fix, often not helping much with bite problems. Invisible braces like Invisalign will not correct more severe orthodontic issues, but are better for mild and moderate alignment problems. Ceramic braces are pretty close to how effective metal braces are when correcting your smile.

Con: The ceramic can stain

While the ceramic is made to match your tooth colour, they are also prone to staining and discolouration. If you don't take really good care of them, smoke cigarettes, or have a lot of dark-coloured foods and drinks, they might become a different colour than your natural teeth. This will start making it very obvious that you have braces, and that they don't match your tooth colour. Be careful about having dark-coloured foods and beverages like berries, coffee and tea, red wine, and spaghetti sauce. Your dentist can provide other tips for avoiding staining.


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